Kasaan, alaska

For most people it only takes a day to fall in love with Kasaan. The beautiful revival of Haida culture shines like the sun in this southern-exposure town of 50 residents.

At a glance

  • Restaurant

  • Post Office

  • Library

  • Church

  • Harbor

  • K-12 Schools

  • City Offices

  • VPSO -Village Police Special Officer

  • Emergency Services - Fire and EMS

  • Medical Clinic

  • Electrical Power

  • City Water and Sewer in Downtown

  • 17 Mile Gravel Road to Kasaan

  • Gravel Roads in Kasaan

Alaska Native drummers celebrate the Chief Son-I-Hat longhouse in Kasaan Alaska

Alaska Native dancers and drummers celebrate the restoration of the Chief Son-I-Hat longhouse in Kasaan, Alaska.

Carving a totem at the Kasaan Native Carving Shed Kasaan Alaska Prince of Wales Island

Great Activities in Kasaan

Take a Tour of the Totems Historic District and the Whale House

Kasaan Whale House Chief Son-I-Hat Longhouse Alaska

A level, well groomed 2/3 mile trail leads to a totem park and the Chief Son-I-Hat longhouse. The longhouse was recently rebuilt with close attention to traditional methods. The beautiful, forested totem park is unique on POW Island. Contact the Organized Village of Kasaan for a tour!

Eat at the Cafe!

Have lunch or dinner while enjoying the amazing view and watching for whales!

Kasaan Alaska Chief Son-I-Hat in regalia

Free things to do in Kasaan

Native Carving Shed

Story Teller and Carver Harley Holter on the canoe that he is carving

Spend some time at the carving shed watching a totem pole or canoe take shape. Above, Harley tells a story while on a break from carving a canoe out of a cedar log.


Enjoy beautiful views while strolling along the boardwalk to the harbor.

Kasaan Alaska harbor totem