Port Protection, Alaska

This tiny community, sprinkled beachside, peeking out of the thick coniferous forest, is as much of the sea as of the land. A quick glance suggests that there may be more boats than people in Port Protection. The homes are tucked into the trees all around the edges of the islands, though, and there are about sixty-five residents.

Port Protection is in Wooden Wheel Cove, and the rich waters of Sumner Strait are right outside the cove. The fishing in Sumner Strait is spectacular, so many people come here for sport and commercial fishing. Wildlife watching is also amazing here, with marine and terrestrial creatures in abundance.

Houses in Port Protection Alaska

At a glance

  • Small Grocery Store

  • Liquor Store

  • Limited Hardware Store

  • Fishing and Hunting Licenses

  • Rental Skiffs

  • Lodges and B&Bs

  • Propane

  • Charter Floatplane Service

  • Post Office

  • Harbor

  • Emergency Services - Fire and EMS

Sea Otter at Port Protection Alaska

Great Activities in Port Protection

Go Fishing

The commercial trollers base here for a reason: great fishing! Check it out. Lodges and experienced charter captains will make your fishing expedition delightful!


The boardwalk in Port Protection Alaska

Free things to do in Port Protection

  • Walk the boardwalk!

  • Go to the store to see the moose!