Whale Pass, Alaska

Whale Pass is the northernmost community on the P.O.W. Island road system. It is situated on the island's eastern side amidst amazing natural assets. Fish, wildlife, natural beauty, lakes, caves, and more surround this town of 60 people. Neck Lake, on the road into Whale Pass has picturesque islands and is a popular place for trout fishing. Within Whale Pass, Neck Creek is the returning point for silver salmon and that makes for GREAT fishing.


Bear and eagles in Whale Pass Alaska

At a glance

  • Convenience Store

  • Gas Station - Limited Hours!

  • Lodges and B&Bs

  • Propane

  • Laundromat

  • Freight Barge Terminal

  • Floatplane Service

  • Post Office

  • Library

  • Church

  • Limited Harbor

  • K-12 School

  • Electrical Power

  • Gravel Roads

  • Very Limited Cell Phone Service

Cell Phone Tree Whale Pass Alaska
Sitka Blacktail Buck Deer Prince of Wales Island Alaska

Great Activities in Whale Pass!

Halibut and Salmon Charters!

Charter captains know where the fish are so that you can enjoy catching the big one!

Black Bear in Southeast Alaska
Bald Eagle

Free Things to do Around Whale Pass!

Wildlife Viewing!

Bears, seals, and eagles are often seen at Neck Creek. Sitka Blacktail deer frequent Neck Creek and the grass flats in Whale Pass in early summer. There is even the chance of a wolf sighting!

Cavern Lake

A 150 foot trail takes you to a viewing platform over the creek. The creek comes out of a cave!

Cavern Lake creek overlook Whale Pass Alaska

Tour a Cave!

11 miles from Whale Pass is El Capitan Cave. Make reservations with the U.S. Forest Service for a guided cave tour.

See Karst Sinkholes!

Beaver Falls Karst Trail boardwalk with interpretive sign Prince of Wales Island Alaska

Explore limestone formations including crazy-deep stone sinkholes at Beaver Falls Karst Trail. Old-growth forest and muskeg are two more wonderful experiences on this easy and accessible 1.5 mile boardwalk. Interpretive signs enrich your self-guided tour.